PROBLEM: Throughout its all history Ford has always have a constructive approach with regards to mobility issues, working to turn them into opportunities for everyone. Today Ford is in most cities of the world: any of them has it’s own problems, different from each others. What could Ford do to inspire and help people to turn them into opportunities?

INSIGHT: Car manufacturers too often focus on developing better vehicles only. Ford believes that in order to improve mobility you need to think of the context cars move in.   Some cities/areas of the world have developed solutions that many other cities could take and use. I.e. In Tokyo ambulance sirens can be heard from a distance but at the same time are not disturbing. What it’s missing now it’s a hub linking a city issues, with the solution of a different one.

IDEA: In partnership with Google, Ford will develop a tool/database that turns a local issue, into a global solution.   The software will gather, through an expert study and reports from citizens and tourists, the most efficient solutions adopted in the cities of the world, categorized by tags: #noisepollution (i.e. silent ambulance sirens in Tokyo). Once all these big data are put together, anyone in the world will be able to search a specific problem of their city and see how it was efficiently tackled in a different city.   The tool will be officially donated to the administrations of some of the most important cities in the world. The buzz generated from the media will “push” the cities to actually leverage the tool for their development plans.   At the same time, we will launch a tour of meetings between cities. At every meeting two administration of two different cities (matched through our tool) will exchange best practice about mobility.