Little Gifts For The Mind

AnalogFolk - Xmas Campaign

Technology and innovation have been a saving grace during this pandemic by keeping us connected. Work meetings, online workouts, entertainment, mindfulness sessions, friend gatherings and even dinner parties.

The truth is, in 2020 we were forced to stay glued to our screens like never before. And although screens helped us maintain a sense of normalcy during the lockdown - they currently seem to run our lives - they've also had a negative impact on our mental health and increasing our stress levels and anxiety. 

The best gift we could offer people this holiday season was a reminder to look after themselves and those around them. In the spirit of our mission of using digital to make the analog world better we created Little Gifts for the Mind. This browser extension gives you an inspirational lift every time you open a new tab on Google Chrome. Hopping these small acts would have a big impact on your wellbeing, with useful tips you can easily apply to make every day a bit brighter. You can download it here and receive a well-deserved, powerful little boost for your mental health.


download it here