"Don't put all your eggs in one basket"

This is something that I have learned and that has become my everyday philosophy. It’s not enough as a creative and leader to only work hard. As a creative person you will never be happy if all your eggs are in one basket. You always need to find different opportunities to be creative and to express yourself. This is why I love working on several side projects that help me release my creative energy in a healthy way outside my workplace. 


For an art director it’s hard to express ourselves only using words. That’s why I opened a social channel, “A pattern a day” to share my everyday life during a difficult time. For one year I created a pattern a day depicting my days and feelings. This project can be summed up in one quote: "My life can be expressed in a sign that can be duplicated endlessly."

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As a plant lover, I founded a start-up Guanita, an app that will connect plant-owners with plant-lovers in your neighbourhood. Why? 
As someone who owns many plants, every year when I travel, I face the same dilemma: who can take care of my plants? 
So the idea is to help people find a “plant-sitter” in their neighbourhood while they’re away. By using the Guanita-app, the plant-owner will pick a “plant-sitter”, bring them the plant and finally enjoy their holidays. 
My final goal is to give people living in the same area the opportunity to meet and connect through their common love for plants and, through this, create communities of plant-lovers around the world.

You might be wondering, why the name Guanita? 

One day I was looking at my plants after a challenging day, and I thought: how can I use my creativity to create something relevant for people?  And in the middle of the night, by looking at my dear plant Guanita, I had this intuition.



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